Is the Answer to Whānau Ora Through Tāne Ora – A Young Tāne Māori Contributing to Tāne Ora by Making an Impact on SUDI Prevention mahi.

Join Edward Cowley aka ‘Buckwheat’ introducing and having insightful kōrero with Nikau Reti-Beazley, a talented young tāne Māori making a difference in the SUDI prevention space through Tāne Ora.

Nikau is in his final year completing a Bachelor of Health Science degree, majoring in Māori Health, at The University of Otago. He is also doing mahi for Hāpai Te Hauora, helping facilitate ‘Talanoa’, a wānanga for tāne Pasifika to gather, share, learn express, grow, and have fun.

Nikau said, "Talanoa creates a space and time, to come together to Talanoa, to move forward and to make plans for wellness and home life. It’s a day of sharing what safe sleep looks like, dive into traditional methods of safe sleep, weave the conversation into the creative mahi of screen printing a pareu/lavalava, a shirt for baby or Mum.”

Nikau is passionate about all things Te Ao Māori and said, “Being open to change and all those variables, taking it one step at a time, going with the flow. Obviously, it’s important to have a plan, take those opportunities and bring it back for the benefit for our people.”