Amy Wray
Amy Wray
Midlands Region

I’m a busy mother of five young children who keep me grounded. My mother was my greatest inspiration as she too was a midwife and lactation consultant.

I trained as a midwife in 2004 and then qualified as a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2009. I have been involved in many community based projects and am especially passionate about providing services that effectively engage with our Maori whanau. I have spent many years involved in peer support programmes, BFHI forums and antenatal classes, safe sleep and stop smoking initiatives. I currently work full time as the Lakes Baby Co-Ordinator for Lakes DHB and stepped out of my role as the  Community Lactation Consultant recently.

In 2009 I launched Mama Aroha, we provide engaging resources for health professionals to use when engaging with breastfeeding mothers. These have been distributed to every hospital within New Zealand and to many parts of the world. They have proven to be very effective tools.

I really enjoy working with new mothers and whanau and I often feel a responsibility to share the knowledge I have gained as during this time we can create life-long effects. That’s why I love doing what I do!