Parents Lou Tyson and Tamati Tiananga are calling for people to stop intimidating mothers who breastfeed in public, after a bad experience the couple had over the weekend.

The couple were at a cafe when a middle-aged man walked in and stared at Tyson while she was breastfeeding her baby boy, says Tiananga.

“He looked more in disgust like ‘What are you doing feeding your baby in the cafeteria’,” says Tiananga.

Following the experience, the father took to social media to share their message and posted a photo of Tyson and her older sister breastfeeding.

Tyson says women should feel comfortable pulling out their breast "anywhere, anytime”. 

“Women shouldn’t even have to second guess or think, 'Should I ask for permission, should I be concerned about the people in the environment around me, are these people comfortable with me feeding my child in front of them',” says Tyson.

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