A Northland mother is calling on dairy-free breastmilk donors to help feed her baby girl, after the māmā suffered three serious cardiac events due to a rare condition, Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection.

Melissa Crockett-Joyoue from Leigh, Wellsford, received open heart surgery and a double bypass late last year as the condition affected the most important arteries in her heart.

However, the condition can occur again in the next six months with one of the key triggers being breastfeeding, so the mother has had to wean her baby girl, Hinemārie, off breastmilk.

“I cannot start breastfeeding again as the hormones are linked to SCAD. She is not able to have any formula except for Neocate - and she 100% refuses it," the mother wrote in a post on Facebook.

Crockett-Joyoue has taken to Facebook in an attempt to get her baby fed and kept alive.

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