The NSPCS welcome you to this page offering information and advice in response to the current COVID-19 situation.

Whether you are a health professional, midwife or a whānau member with a baby there will be information that may assist you. The P.E.P.E. message is especially relevant at this time and so we recommend you become familiar with it. There is both video and written content for you to view as you find time. We will keep this page current and relevant as we receive content from the Ministry of Health and the Maternal Health sector in the regions.

Some tabs have localised information and we will continue to build this for you.

P.E.P.E Resources
Place Eliminate Position Encourage

Download: P.E.P.E. resources

COVID-19 Updates

15 JULY 2020 | COVID-19: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on next steps in response

Jacinda Ardern has laid out Cabinet's plan for if COVID-19 manages to slip through the border and break out in the community. The Prime Minister has committed to doing everything possible to avoid putting the entire country back into lockdown, describing that as a "last resort".

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COVID-19 and pregnancy

KidsHealth FAQ - COVID-19 and pregnancy

Click here for more information

Message for pregnant women and their whānau during the COVID-19 pandemic

New Zealand women who are pregnant and their whānau need reassurance and information. Dr Michelle Wise shares advice on safe birth planning.

Safe Sleep

Your baby: Safe Sleep

Source: minhealthnz - 13 of 15 of the New Zealand Ministry of Health's video series for expecting parents and whānau of children up to the age of five years.
Source: PlunketNZ
Here are some ways to ensure that every sleep is a safe sleep for your tamariki.
If you need parenting advice or support, talk to one of our PlunketLine nurses on 0800 933 922 — they're available 24/7.

National Safe Sleep Device Quality Specification Guidelines

The National Safe Sleep Device Quality Specification Guidelines focus on the SUDI key modifiable risk of bed sharing. They have been developed for District Health Boards, iwi and the wider social services sector to provide information to whānau on how to use safe sleep devices safely. As babies are vulnerable to SUDI until they are approximately 12 months old, the Quality Guidelines focus on safe sleeping practices throughout the first year of babies life. Safe sleep devices described include wahakura, pepi-pods®, baby boxes, bassinets, cots, cribs and portacots.

Download: SSD Guidelines


Practical advice for breastfeeding mums

Helpful links:

There is also Plunket Line with trained Lactation Consultants 24hrs a day 0800 933 922 they can do ZOOM calls (so face to face consultations on the internet).

Local and Regional support

Breastfeeding support available in Hutt Valley during rāhui period - Download

CCDHB Community Breastfeeding support during Level 4 COVID-19 - Download

Breastfeeding Support Within Counties Manukau During COVID-19 - Download

Central - Accessing Safe Sleep Devices during COVID-19 - Download

Hawkes Bay Breastfeeding Support During COVID19 Level 4 - click here for contact information

Wellington Region Breastfeeding Support Services during Covid-19 Lockdown - click here for contact information

In MidCentral there are two options available for phone or video consults.

Breastfeeding information from Wairarapa:
Breastfeeding Wairarapa Facebook

Breastfeeding Support available in Whanganui during COVID-19 Level 4
Breast feeding Support
Whanganui DHB Lactation consultants
Monday-Friday 8am-4.30pm
021 246 8302
Plunket Whanganui - Home

Mother Lead Breastfeeding Support Group Whanganui - Home

Breastfeeding support offered through video-conferencing

Canterbury Region:

Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service (CBAS) - Website - Facebook - Video

Ūkaipō Connecting With Our Pēpi - Facebook

Whakatipu te kākano - Facebook

Whānau Mai - Facebook

NZ College of Midwives: COVID-19: Information for Women - Website

Related Links:


Keep calm and keep vaccinating!

The New Zealand Ministry of Health (the Ministry) and the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) are offering the following guidance on maintaining the essential immunisation in the New Zealand National Immunisation Schedule (NIS) during the current Level 4 COVID-19 situation.

Read the full article here


Check with your midwife, Lead Maternity Carer, or GP to find out if you are eligible for a District Health Board supplied wahakura or safe sleep device.

Ngā Whenu O Te Wahakura
The many strands of wahakura.

This living document is a collation of information which centralises how wahakura supports the hauora of whānau. It documents the different understandings of wahakura from the experiences of weavers and whānau. It seeks to acknowledge the fluidity of mātauranga Māori and the vast benefits of wahakura within the SUDI Prevention space and beyond.

Download: Ngā Whenu O Te Wahakura

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking support continues to be available across Aotearoa

Click here to find your local support.

This may be a good opportunity to have a quit attempt and if you are pregnant or have a pregnant partner it is one of the best things you can do.

Karakia for Stop Smoking

To be used when 'successfully NOT having a cigarette' OR 'when using a vape to replace a cigarette' OR 'when dying for a smoke and trying to avoid it.'

E te wheriko, e te tapu, e taku atua
Ōhākuratia taku hau

Oh resplendence, oh sacred restriction, oh atua of mine
Make my breath clean, safe and wonderful
Be in great peace

Nā Professor David Tipene-Leach

General SUDI Prevention

If you’re a new parent or you’re expecting a little one soon, it’s understandable if you are feeling more anxious than usual. Keep focusing on the positives. Head along to the HPA website or FB page for more tips and advice to help you through these times.

Website: COVID-19 Support for whānau, wāhine hapū and new māmā

Social media post: Small Steps Facebook

Online Communities

Mokopuna Ora

Kelly Spriggs - Child Birth Educator - Waikato

Kia Wana Lakes Baby - Rotorua

Message to pregnant women

A message for pregnant women and their whānau during COVID-19 alert level 4.

Violet Clapham,
Community Midwife,

Watch here

SUDI Prevention Online training

The link provides seven training modules and takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. Please feel free to share the link with your colleagues.

The training covers the following topics:

  • An introduction to SUDI prevention
  • Connecting and engagement with whānau
  • Consistent health messaging
  • Accumulation of risk factors for SUDI

There is no cost associated with the training, you will just need to register online and complete the course via this link:

Take course