National Coordinators

Fay Selby-Law
General Manager

Fay Selby-Law, the appointed General Manager will lead our new SUDI service providing innovative and strategic coordination of our SUDI prevention services to the sector. As supported by an expert advisory board, Fay will coordinate a national SUDI prevention network, facilitating the engagement and contribution of all interested groups including consumer advocates, health professionals and researchers. Fay has extensive experience working with DHBs and within the Public Health service sector. In particular, she has vast experience working, providing and facilitating smoking cessation services, and was a previous Team Leader for a stop smoking service in the Mid-Central DHB. Fay has also worked as a practioner for Te Korowai Aroha.

Hinerangi Rhind-Wiri
Research and Communications Coordinator

Hinerangi’s role as part of the SUDI team is to disseminate the latest research about SUDI with the health workforce staff and Hāpai subscribers. This will ensure that our communities are kept up-to date and informed on the latest research with the objective that this evidence can be implemented to produce tangible outcomes with whānau. She will also work collaboratively with our other Hāpai teams, such as the Tobacco Control Advocacy, to ensure that health and wellbeing of our mokopuna and their whānau are considered holistically.

Hinerangi will also coordinate communications here at Hāpai to ensure that the media, and in effect the wider public are informed about health interventions and outcomes with the aim of keeping whānau educated and aware of the issues impact our communities.

Hinerangi is a former student of the University of Auckland and holds a Science and Arts Conjoint, as well as a Masters Research thesis which centralises the experiences of Māori women and their treaty claims. Hinerangi is a strong advocate for positive and tangible outcomes for whānau, hapu and iwi.

Regional Coordinators

Northern Region

Jesse Solomon
Regional Coordinator

Senior Programme Manager Women’s Health
Planning, Funding and Outcomes
Waitemata and Auckland DHB
Phone: 021 731 430

Jesse is the Senior Programme Manager for Women’s Health at Auckland and Waitemata DHBs Planning, Funding and Outcomes Unit.

Jesse’s role includes projects and contracts associated with Maternity, Cervical and Breast Screening and Family Violence. She has a background is in research and evaluation and consumer advocacy and engagement, most recently in Maternity and Women’s Health but previously in Alcohol and Drug Youth Community Action amongst other areas.

She is a mum of 4 boys and her whanau live in West Auckland.

Jesse will be the main point of contact at until our recruitment process is complete. Auckland and Waitemata DHBs are working closely together with Countie’s Manukau Health and Northland DHB to provide a collaborative regional co-ordination service for the SUDI Prevention Programme. Key contacts in CM Health are Carmel Ellis and in Northland DHB Jacqui Westren.

Midlands Region

Kate Stewart
Regional Coordinator

Project Manager & Consultant
Phone: 027 5701050

Kate has just started working at Lakes DHB two days a week to implement the Maternal and Child Health Integration programme and develop the Well Child Quality Improvement Plan.

A registered nurse, much of Kate’s career has been in mental health and management roles, although she has in recent years been providing project consultancy services to DHBs and other government agencies.

Kate is very much looking forward to her new role which will involve working with a diverse range of both internal and external stakeholders to achieve the project outcomes.

Central Region

Jessica Sandbrook
Regional Coordinator

Planning and Improvement Manager
Regional SUDI Prevention Program
Phone: 027 203 7173

Jessica lives in Fielding, Manawatu and prior to this new appointment as the regional SUDI prevention coordinator (Lower North Island), was one of two Pēpi Haumaru / Keeping Babies Safe Community Nurse Coordinators at MidCentral DHB. Jessica comes to the role with active support from Mokopuna Ora. Mokopuna Ora is a collaboration group made up of Pae Ora Māori Health directory at MDHB, Central PHO, Plunket Community Services, Barnardos Pregnancy and Parenting information and education, Te Ohu Auahi Mutunga Quit Smoking service, Te Aroha Noa Communtiy Services, He Puna Hauora, MDHB Child Health Community Team, Community Birthing Services, Te Waka Huia family violence prevention services and local Māori midwives and weavers. Mokopuna Ora are active in teaching people how to weave wahakura, or providing these where appropriate. Mokopuna Ora promote the use of wahakura as part of a whanau ora approach that enables more than SUDI prevention. Wahakura weaving and distribution create pathways for wellness for Pēpi, Māmā and the whole whanau. Jessica is a registered nurse and has also worked clinically in child health at Hutt Valley and Hawkes Bay DHBs.

Jessica will work with Whanganui, MidCentral, Hawkes Bay, Wairarapa, Hutt Valley and Capital and Coast DHB’s to develop a regional SUDI prevention plan. Jessica has a young family and will be working remotely from the Manawatu, which is basically 1-2 hours from everywhere in this region! Jessica is an advocate for health promotion, community engagement, and working together to achieve sustainable, positive outcomes for pepi, and their whanau.

Southern Region

Ann Shaw
Regional Coordinator

Temporary Key Contact:

Keith Todd
South Island Alliance Programme Coordinator
South Island Alliance Programme Office
Phone: 03 378 6635 | 0272 127 297

Ann starts work as the SUDI Prevention Programme Coordinator for the South Island in early November. She will be leading regional collaboration, implementation and monitoring of the SUDI programme with the aim of reducing SUDI deaths in infants to an incidence of less than 0.1 in every 1000 births by 2025. The programme will address modifiable risk factors including smoking in pregnancy, shared sleep surfaces, infant sleep position, alcohol and drug use during pregnancy and postnatally, breastfeeding and immunisation. Working closely with key stakeholders across the South Island will be key in ensuring the programme is a success.

Ann comes from a background of Maternity quality and safety and project management and is a Registered Nurse. Ann has a passion for the health and wellbeing of infants and their families. Her varied roles and experiences have enables her to build strong and sustained trusting relationships with a wide range of stakeholders including non-governmental organisations, public sector agencies and health practitioners, qualities that are essential for this role.